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Hi, I’m Jamie Boudreaux, and we buy houses Houston. I’ve been buying, fixing, renting and selling houses since 2003 and in the Houston area for over four years. I’ve put together a team of caring real estate professionals second to none. They are knowledgeable about the Houston, Texas real estate market and eager to help anyone that contacts us needing help. As we like to say, “We don’t buy every house, but we help every customer.” Sometimes working with a realtor just isn’t the right answer to your real estate problems, and getting listed on Har.com leaves you months on end with no sale in sight.

Your house may be in need of repairs or need updating that you just can’t afford. You may be going through a divorce and just need to liquidate the property as quickly as possible. People often inherit property they have no desire or ability to deal with. That’s where we come in. No matter the condition of your home or your situation, there is a way to get your house sold, and usually much faster than you’ve been lead to believe. You will have your cash offer in 48 hrs or less and can often close in a few days. Your situation may be unique to you, but it’s likely something we’ve seen more than a few times. Remember, at Houston Real Estate Home Buyers, we are your Houston area real estate pros!


Unattractive House?


No house is too ugly for us. It doesn’t mean we don’t also look for homes in better condition. It goes without saying that the better condition your house is in, the more money you will make and your house will sell faster. Other factors are the state of the economy, the general real estate market in your city, the real estate market in your neighborhood, and finally the real estate market for your section of your neighborhood. If all these factors are favorable, a realtor will most likely be your best bet. Where we can help is if only some or none of these conditions exist. Unattractive houses in Houston that badly need repairs or need updating present an opportunity for real estate investors specializing in this area of the market.  In Houston, many investors are well versed with properties that need to be sold in less than favorable circumstances. We are Houston home buyers and we work with many of the top investors in town. They can take your “problem” property, paying cash and closing in a matter of days and bring it back to life making it a beautiful rental home or fixing it up and selling to a deserving buyer. In this case, you get paid cash for your ugly house that “was” your problem and the investor makes it the answer to a potential homeowner’s dream.


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The Houston Home Buyers Process In A Nutshell


You contact us by phone or by filling out the form on this page and tell us about your situation- as described above


The team member that contacted you does an in-depth pricing analysis based on the “current” state of the market in your area and the information you provided.


A member of our team contacts you shortly to discuss your information and get any clarification needed to provide you the best offer possible


Your Houston RE team member will contact you with our offer and a contract in 48 hours or less


You agree to our offer and sign the contract or we work to make the offer agreeable to you


Your Houston Re team member forwards the contract to our title company, who then “opens title”, allowing the title company to check for liens, unpaid taxes or questions involving ownership. *Title issues MUST be resolved before closing.

Entire Process Only Takes Days!

  You’ll have cash in your hand before a typical realtor will even have your house on the “market”. We mean  it when we say we buy houses Houston! Give us a call and talk to one of our friendly team members. You’ll be glad you did!