how to sell a vacant home

10 Ways to Sell A Vacant Home

A vacant home is like a hole in your pocket – it hurts your bank account. If you’re ready to recoup your losses, then you need to learn how to sell a vacant home. Follow these tips, and you could get a great offer for your home.


1. Stage It as Occupied

A vacant home isn’t appealing to buyers. Without some personality, your home seems bland. Buyers often have a hard time imagining daily life in a vacant home.

You can help the buyers picture themselves in your home with some staging. Hang pictures of your family on the walls. Additionally, you should have all of the furniture you might see in an occupied house.

Although staging a home with new furniture is expensive, you do have another option. You could hire out a company to do the staging for you. They can rent furniture and stage the house in a way that helps it sell.


2. Improve the Front Yard

When a prospective buyer comes to your home, the first thing she sees is the front yard. If your grass is high or you don’t have any landscaping, then she will make note of it.

You don’t want a buyer’s first impression to be negative. By improving your curb appeal, you can make your house more memorable. All it takes is a little work.

To make your yard more appealing, mow the lawn regularly. Do a little landscaping and brighten things up with some flowers. Whether you do the work yourself or you hire someone, the effort will make a difference.


3. Replace the Front Door

It might seem like a small change. But replacing the front door can help you sell your home. Much like improving your front yard can boost curb appeal, changing your front door can have the same effect.

It’s likely that your original front door has some wear and tear. When a prospective buyer approaches your home, he sees that wear and tear. He might believe that your house is older than it is.

Replacing your door with a new one can alter that mindset. The newness adds value to your home and makes it seem more updated. In the end, it could help you sell your home.


4. Keep It Clean

Most sellers neglect to clean their vacant home. After all, it is empty. Unfortunately, failing to clean it can prevent it from selling.

Even a vacant home requires some cleaning. Over time, dust builds up. It can coat the surfaces in your home and make it appear run-down.

Without regular cleaning, your home can accumulate something worse than dust. Bugs can take refuge in your home. You don’t want prospective buyers to come across a spider or a cockroach.

With some regular cleaning, you can keep the dust to a minimum and keep the bugs away. One of the secrets of how to sell a vacant home is to keep it clean.


5. Make the Purpose of a Room Obvious

If a room seems confusing to a buyer, he won’t like the layout of your home. As a result, he might not choose to buy it. Try to make the purpose and use of a room obvious.

For example, be sure to furnish a dining room like a dining room. Make it clear which room is an office and which room is a bedroom.

If you have any areas of your home that have an odd layout, explain how a buyer could fix it. If you have a simple solution, then a buyer might be willing to move on your home.


6. Make a Vignette of Unfurnished Rooms

If you are unwilling or unable to furnish certain rooms extensively, you can create vignettes. Create a scene that shows buyers how they could use a space. If you include groupings and accessories, you can give buyers an idea of how they could use a room.

Although it’s more effective to furnish a home, vignettes can help. They also cost much less than fully furnishing a vacant home.


7. Keep Your Home Safe

If you don’t protect your home, then you risk vandalization or theft. This would make your home very unappealing to buyers.

To keep your home safe, let the police know that your home is vacant. They might send an extra patrol around as protection. You could also install a reliable home security system.


8. Improve the Lighting

If you want to make your home seem large, then you should keep your home well-lit. Check all of your light fixtures for working bulbs. Replace any broken ones and add lighting fixtures if a room is too dim.

If you have dark closets or attic space, then you could install a few battery-operated lights. Turn them on before a buyer views your home and make it more appealing.


9. Spread the Word

If no one knows that your home is for sale, no one will make an offer. A real estate agent can help you spread the news about your home. Although an agent knows how to sell a vacant home, they come at a cost.

It is possible to sell your home on your own. However, you need to advertise your home listing. Place a “for sale” sign in front of your home and talk to your neighbors.


10. Work with a Buyer

Tired of wondering how to sell a vacant home quickly? If so, you should consider working with Houston Real Estate House Buyers. We have experience making quick sales of both vacant and occupied homes.

When you work with a house buyer, you don’t need to worry about advertising your home or making improvements. Instead, you can make one phone call and be done with it.

Finding a traditional buyer for your home is no easy task. It takes time and money to sell your home. If you want to save yourself that time and money, contact us for more information. Selling a vacant home isn’t as hard as you think.

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