8 Marketing Ideas for Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your home and have enlisted the services of a real estate agent, he or she will employ the industry standard channels for marketing your house. This article provides ideas of additional marketing actions that you as the homeowner can take, either independently or in collaboration with your realtor.

Marketing Tips to Sell Your Property

  • Create a landing page website specifically to promote the sale of your home. Potential buyers can view photos, videos, and information. You can also set it up to capture viewing appointment requests.
  • Post about the sale on your personal Facebook page. If your realtor hasn’t created a walk-through video of your house, make one yourself. Highlight the great features of your home in the video.
  • Join your free local Facebook Marketplace groups and post photos and descriptions of your property. Read the group rules first since some groups don’t allow real estate listings. Most cities have multiple Facebook Marketplace groups, and these are a great way to get the word out locally.
  • Do paid Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. You don’t have to be a social media guru to do this. Creating a Facebook or Instagram ad is a way to get your information to many more people than are in your own organic (non-paid) feed. You can set whatever budget you wish and have the ad drop into the feeds of people who live within a specified mile-radius of your home (or any other location). Ads can be created to promote the sale of the home or to promote events such as open houses.
  • Mail printed postcards to people in your local area with the news that your house has just been listed. Are there apartments in your area? Send postcards to the residents of the apartments, and to local home buying companies. Have a local printer produce the postcards, order them online from a vendor like Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, or print them yourself on photo paper.


  •  Take out an ad in your local newspaper, put an announcement in your church or service organization bulletin, and post flyers in local restaurants and businesses (get permission first).
  • Put signs in public areas within 5 miles of your home. These can be very simple: 18”x24” sheets of white corrugated plastic with metal stakes. Put them in medians at traffic signals. When drivers stop for red lights, they can take a photo of your sign. Set signs in islands in grocery store parking lots and pedestrian-friendly malls. Keep the message brief, written in large, neat type, for example: “For Sale. 3/2, $230K, <your phone number>.” Remember that you may lose the signs to code enforcement officers, grocery store managers, or sign thieves.
  • Publicize known names and brands. Did a local architect design your house? Did a recognized interior designer decorate it? Did a prominent landscape architect draw the plans for your grounds? Have your realtor list known names in the MLS listing, email blasts, and printed and online flyers. Add this information to the descriptions you include in the promotion channels that you create.

Marketing Tips to Sell Your Property

The above marketing ideas are doable for the average homeowner, whether working with a realtor or selling a home independently. Sometimes, however, it appeals to a homeowner to sell a house quickly to an investor, bypass the work of marketing, and just cash out.

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