Houston Real Estate House Buyers Move to New Office in Sugar Land, Texas


Sugar Land, TX – Quickly selling a home will allow people to move on with their lives. A house-buying team of professionals brings their expertise to a new office in Sugar Land, Texas to help homeowners sell homes quick across the city and in neighboring areas. Houston Real Estate Buyers is dedicated to providing a fast house sale solution that can be counted on when it’s time to sell homes.

Marketing a home with an estate agent that tries to achieve a sale in the shortest possible time can be difficult and sometimes fraught with problems. But as stated on the company website,  these Houston Real Estate House Buyers are not agents. “We are professionals that buy houses, and we use our very own cash. This enables us to make offers to you right on the spot. Take time to compare, consult, and talk with others, and do your own thing. We never pressure anyone.”

These Houston house buyers are committed to making the home-selling experience fast and fair to homeowners who are considering Houston RE House Buyers when it’s time for them to sell their homes. With lead buyer Nick Cooney as a new team member, they have designed their service to be as fast and worry-free as possible to prevent clients from waiting around for months. This makes the company stand out from their competitors in the market, which also makes them the top choice for people who want to sell their home fast. The leading house buyers guarantee to buy any house or property regardless of its location, condition, or how it stands on the mortgage for cash, through a transparent transaction to ensure a quick turnaround time for a fast and stress-free selling.

With Houston Real Estate Buyers, keeping a home during a foreclosure is possible. The reputable house-buying team offers options to help homeowners stay in their homes through a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Session with one of their foreclosure experts. It’s a free session that is aimed at evaluating the specific situation, giving some education to assist homeowners to better navigate the foreclosure process by providing options to make a well-informed decision.

Houston Real Estate Buyers is located at 13313 Southwest Freeway Suite 208 Sugar Land, TX 77095. They can be reached by phone at (713) 714-1259 or by sending an email to info@houstonrehousebuyers.com. Check out their website at https://houstonrehousebuyers.com/ for more details.