7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Planning to put your home on the market? There are things you can do to prep your house for sale and get ahead of the game before you enlist the services of a realtor. By the time the realtor comes on board, you will have much of the home prep already done.

Avoid Home Prep and Sell Your House Fast

Before listing ways to prepare your house for sale, we’ll mention an alternative strategy for selling your home. If you wish to sell your house fast, consider having an investor purchase it. Home buying companies buy houses as-is, which means homeowners do not have to do any prep work. For more information on this sales option, see the end of this article.

Follow our tips below to get your home ready to sell.

How to Prepare to Sell Your Home

Deep-clean the house

Think spring cleaning. This level of cleaning goes beyond what you do in a weekly clean. This includes washing walls, scrubbing baseboards, dusting fan blades, cleaning cabinet doors, and washing rugs and carpets. Wash windows inside and out, sweep down porch columns and pressure-wash porch floors. Prospective buyers love a clean home.

Make minor repairs

Minor repairs are small fixes that will make a difference to a buyer. Patch holes in walls; tighten handles; repair torn screens, replace burned-out lightbulbs; fix leaky faucets.

Remove clutter

Removing clutter is more than just clearing off countertops and tables. If your home contains knickknack collections or many decorative items, be ruthless in packing these away. Your favorite decorations may not be the taste of a prospective buyer and the space would be more appealing without those items. If your home is, for example, wall-to-wall antiques, move most of them out and just leave a select few. Pare down that display of 100 German nutcrackers to just one or two.

Freshen up the landscaping

Consider putting a new layer of mulch down in your beds. Trim shrubs and hedges; lift tree canopies so that there is space and light underneath. If there are weeds in your beds, remove them, either by hand or by spraying them. Put a planter or two with bright flowers in strategic places where buyers will see them.

Repaint loud walls

You may be a color fanatic, but your potential buyer may not be. That purple bedroom or bright green bathroom will present better if repainted in neutral tones.

Think about the smell

Do you have pets that smell or litter boxes that have odors? Do you regularly fry food in oil or use distinctive seasonings? Have an honest friend tell you if your house smells, and then clean, clean, clean. Air fresheners help but are not as effective as a deep clean to remove the source of odors. During a showing, take pets outside and put litterboxes inside a cabinet.

Make it bright inside

Buyers are more drawn to light homes than they are to dark ones. Open curtains and blinds. For a showing, turn on lamps and lights.

Investors & Home Buyers Will Buy Your Home

If the list above looks like a daunting roster of tasks, consider instead selling your property to an investor. Houstonrehousebuyers.com is a Texas home-buying company. We buy houses in Houston as well as in other cities and states.

To sell your property quickly, contact us today. We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and have purchased $25 million of homes to date, allowing many property owners to cash out quickly and avoid the inconveniences and expenses that accompany traditional home-selling methods.

We return offers within 24 hours. There’s no pressure to decide quickly about the offer. You are free to make a decision to accept or decline the offer at any time.

In summary, completing the tasks in the above seven points will effectively prepare your home for selling. By the time your realtor comes on the scene, he or she will be free to guide you in the larger considerations of the selling process. And if the look of the task-list is overwhelming, change tack and sell your home to an investor.