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5-Star Rated Service 10 Years and Counting

Highest Cash Offer

-We’re End Buyers w/ 100% Close Rate

No Pressure or Repairs or Showings- Any Condition or Situation









    100% 5-Star Ratings Since We Opened Our Doors

    “Sell My House Fast Houston! I Need Help.”

    Need to Sell Your House Fast?

    So, what’s your #1 Reason for selling your home?

    • Are you in a situation where you need to get rid of your house quickly?
    • Maybe you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments, and there is no way to catch up.
    • Maybe there’s been a divorce, and the house must go, asap.
    • Maybe you’ve inherited a house in poor condition and can’t afford the repairs necessary to sell it.
    • Regardless of the details, the emotional products of these kinds of circumstances are stress, worry, panic, and depression.
    • Are you nodding your head?

    We Can Help by Buying Your House

    There is a solution. There is a way out. If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house fast,” Houston homeowner, we can help.

    We can buy your house.

    Houston RE House Buyers (HreHB) is an established home buying company that buys properties as-is, for cash. We are 100% legal and above-board, and our offers are fair.

    We buy unsightly houses. We buy old houses. We buy houses that need repairs. We can buy your house too. We’ll pay cash for your home.
    Yes, We Are for Real

    Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
    This is for real.

    HreHB is a reputable company that has been purchasing homes in Houston and the greater Houston area for a long time. For twelve years, to be exact. Here are some of our stats:

    • We’ve invested over $26 million in the Houston real estate market
    • We’ve helped more than 420 families get out from under difficult circumstances
    • We’ve purchased over 210 houses
    • We’ve had 5-star ratings since day one
    • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (you’ll find us under our parent company, HCHB)
    • Our reputation in the community and the real estate industry is unblemished


    The above points are not about tooting our own horn. They’re about showing that you can be confident working with us.

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    How It Works (You Don’t Need a Realtor)

    How is selling a house to a home buyer like HreHB different from selling a house the traditional way? We’ll explain

    About Selling Your Home with a Realtor

    Let’s first look at the typical home-selling process.

    Most homeowners, when they decide to sell their property, start by hiring a realtor. They do their best to find a good realtor who understands the market, prices the house well, markets it aggressively, and does a great job interacting with potential buyers.

    Then, following their realtor’s advice, these homeowners spend money on repairs and improvements, boosting their home’s curb appeal and removing issues that might prevent a sale.

    While the house is on the market, the homeowners keep the inside spic and span, always ready for showings. They whisk the kids away to hang out at the park or at McDonald’s when the realtor has a potential buyer to bring by for a showing.

    They worry about what inspections will reveal. (What? The whole back wall is full of live termites?!)

    And even after a contract has been signed, they worry that the appraisal will come back unfavorably. Or that the buyer’s financing will fall through.


    5-Star Rated Service 10 Years and Counting

    Highest Cash Offer

    -We’re End Buyers w/ 100% Close Rate

    No Pressure or Repairs or Showings- Any Condition or Situation

      100% 5-Star Ratings Since We Opened Our Doors

      About Selling Your House to HreHB

      When you sell your house to HreHB, here’s what happens.

      1. You request an offer on your house (by phone, email, or using our online contact form).
      2. Within 24 hours we give you our cash offer. If you accept, you and we sign the contract. The paperwork goes to our title company.
      3. We close in as few as seven days, and you walk away with cash.

      Is it that easy?
      Yes. It is.

      There’s no realtor. No repairs. No improvements. No showings. No inspections.

      Just an offer, an acceptance, a contract, and a closing—all within a week, if you want it that fast. (We can close as fast or as slowly as you need.)

      About the Offer

      Let’s talk about the offer.

      The question we usually get is this: “Will I get a fair price if I sell my house fast to you?”

      And here’s our answer: “Yes. We promise to give you the highest offer we can.”

      How do we come up with the number for our offer? We look at several factors, including the current state of the economy, what the real estate market is like in your city, and the market condition in your area of your neighborhood.

      This information tells us 1) what your home is currently worth, and 2) what we can rent or sell your home for after we’ve fixed it up.

      Even if your home requires lots of repairs, we operate under economies of scale. This means that because we buy so many houses, we get good deals on materials and labor. It will cost us less to fix up your house than it would cost you.
      We crunch all the numbers and then make you the highest possible offer. It will always be fair.


      5-Star Rated Service 10 Years and Counting

      Highest Cash Offer

      -We’re End Buyers w/ 100% Close Rate

      No Pressure or Repairs or Showings- Any Condition or Situation

        We Don’t Ever Back Out of Offers

        Some people ask if we ever change our minds and back out of offers.


        You’ll Love the Ease and Speed

        Without exception, the two things our customers love most about working with HreHB is how easy and fast the process is.

        We’ve already told you that you can sell your house to us in three steps and walk away with cash in seven days.

        If you need the close to happen a little further out, it’s no problem. You set the date for whenever works for you.

        Think Your House Is Too Old or Ugly to Sell?

        We buy old houses, ugly houses, fire-damaged houses, houses that have been in floods, houses with termite damage, and everything in between.

        Our offer for your house may be impacted by those factors, but we’ll still buy it.

        Even if there are issues with your title, we can still buy your house. The problems will have to be resolved before we close, but they are not deal killers.

        Why We Do This (The Backstory)

        We’re not in this business just to make money. We’re in it because we love helping people who are in seemingly hopeless situations. We enjoy providing solutions that give stuck people a fresh start.

        Brant, one of our founders, understands from first-hand experience what it means to feel stuck.

        When Brant was a young teen, his parents fell on hard times and couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments. Threats of foreclosure and bankruptcy hung over them, creating an environment of worry, stress, and despair in the home. Brant didn’t understand all that was happening, but he experienced the effects of his parents’ troubles.

        A local home buying company offered to buy Brant’s parents’ house. They accepted and through that sale were able to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. They got their life back with dignity and hope and were able to move forward with a fresh start.

        Years later, Brant drew on that experience in creating a Houston home buying company.

        Today, all of us on the HreHB team share Brant’s desire to provide solutions for people in tough places.

        Call Us Today

        We’d love to buy your house. Remember, we’ll buy it as-is, for cash. No repairs or inspections are necessary.If you need to sell your home quickly, pick up the phone and call us. Or use our online form to submit your details. Want to sell my house fast Houston? We’ll get back to you within 24 hours ! It might be your chance for a reset on life.